Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Unison activists found guilty of racism..

What a surprise!! Unison (A group closely linked to Searchlight and the Government sponsored Militia UAF)have found itself in hot water.


"FOUR union activists have been found guilty of racism after distributing a leaflet featuring the three wise monkeys.

Public service union Unison took action against its members, including the Greenwich branch's Onay Kasab, after they produced a leaflet showing the three wise monkeys from a Japanese proverb, with the caption "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil".

The leaflet criticised the union for a lack of debate at its national conference in 2007, but the four were told by union chiefs some people could find the image racially offensive.

At a disciplinary hearing last Thursday (July 16), Unison’s claims were upheld"

Oh dear. It seems pretty PC, but considering the likes of the Unions have helped create these bogus Race Laws (I.e. Gag laws) then they have got their just deserts.

Amazing Gable and co are saying nothing about these "Union men".. Could it be because they are leftists, or because they was Asian.

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