Saturday, 20 June 2009

UKIP and Hope Not Hate

"Hope NOT hate" have a disgraceful habit of calling their enemies "racists" and "fascists".. Usually this has involved the BNP and various ethno-Nationalist parties..

But in the past Gable and co have found other scapegoats.. Maggie's Militant Tendency proved that Gable was a strong Anti-Tory and was stupid enough to make up that the Tories were harboring "neo-Nazi militants". Obviously this was a nonce story and the two MPs that were accused of such activities (Neil Hamilton and Gerald Howarth) went on to sue the BBC. This resulted in the BBC forking out £1million of license fee payers taxes!

Now it looks like "Hope NOT Hate" are targeting UKIP and accusing UKIP of stirring up racial tensions. CLICK HERE FOR STORY

Michael Walker of anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate said: “Ukip claim not to be racist but their feeble attempts at linking immigration to a local story demonstrates they are just a middle-class racist party and that on the ground there's no difference between the BNP and Ukip except the suits that they wear.

“Norwich is a multi-cultural community and the last thing it needs is people bringing racist sentiment and trying to make party political advantage from a non-existent situation.

“The fact that no weapons were found and that nobody was charged with anything only demonstrates that it's Ukip that shoots from the hip and that they should get their facts straight before trying to create racial tension.”

Organisations like Searchlight and HNH claim that the BNP scapegoat "ethnic minorities". We all know that this is nonsense. But HNH, Gable and co, UAF, etc scapegoat pretty much every "right wing" organisation. Tories, BNP, UKIP are all scapegoats for these far-left thugs. If the BNP were to end tomorrow, UKIP would be their main priority, then if UKIP were to disband they would throw their weight against the Conservatives.. And so forth..

Hope NOT hate?? Swap the letters Hope and Hate around and you have a perfect name for this group.


  1. It perhaps be a good idea if you actually set this story in some sort of about explaining what UKIP said & did?

  2. Click on the link that GW has put up.

    Great blog, I've sent them an email. Doubt they'll respond though.

    Yasin Akgun
    Young Independence Vice Chairman

  3. Facts are facts and comment is sacred. If you read the whole story as opposed to the partial section selected here, you will see that UKIP issued a press release calling for the eviction of six entirely innocent people from their house because they are "immigrants". Is this now official UKIP policy? In which case, you are going to be very busy little beavers given that there are approximately 600,000 homes with economic migrants in. I would suggest that GW gets its facts even approximately accurate before it issues such moronic press releases in future.

  4. Yasin, good luck on trying to get a response from them.. If you do get a response of them, tell us how many times the words Nazi, Racist, Fascist pops up.

    Anonymous.. The thing i am trying to get forward is that Searchlight and Hope Not Hate will attack any organisation that opposes its Point Of View. UKIP have a differing POV to HNH on Immigration, and yet the only constructive thing HNH could do was yell Racism at them.

  5. Michael Walker28 June 2009 at 04:31


    Michael Walker here...can I suggest that you look at the whole press release and then re-consider whether you think that Glenn Tingle's comments were appropriate or not?

    I don't think that HnH has an official view on immigration. If you want to enter into a discussion on immigration policies I am always happy to talk about politics and immigration and nearly always without having to resort to Nazi, Rascist or Fascist!