Monday, 1 June 2009

Smearing the dead

Just looked a very good article on the Green Arrow Blog.

Quite amazing, far-left groups like Searchlies, and the UAF label people if they are opposed to their view points. Words like Fascist and Racist are the usual. Just remember this quote, a racist is someone who disagrees with a Socialist. But anyway, moving onto the point and back onto the topic of Searchlight smearing yet again.

Searchlight many years ago, conducted a vicious smear attack on the late Airey Neave MP.

Neave has a very good background, and one for his family and fellow patriots to be proud of. On the 26th May 1940, during the fighting withdrawal of the BEF to Dunkirk, a badly wounded Neave was taken prisoner by the Germans. After nineteen grim months of imprisonment Lieutenant Neave became the first British POW to escape from the notorious Colditz Castle. On his eventual return to England Airey Neave made good use of his experiences and became involved with setting up escape lines within Europe for allied POWs.

He also saw active service during the liberation of France in the summer of 1944. In August 1945 Airey Neave (now with the rank of Major) was appointed to the British War Crimes Executive, and was to serve the indictments against the leading Nazi defendants at the Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal. He was subsequently appointed Chief Commissioner to the Tribunal. Following the war he became involved in politics and was elected Member of Parliament for Abingdon in 1953.

On the 30th March 1979 Airey Neave MP was assassinated by the Marxist republican group, the Irish National Liberation Army as he drove up the ramp from the House of Commons car park. Initially the P.I.R.A claimed responsibilty, but as time passed this myth and claim was thrown out.

In 1991, Searchlight published an article known as Gladio. This consisted essentially of eight pages of conspiracy-theory drivel – based predominantly on the unsubstantiated allegations from an unnamed ‘source’ – of a plot for a Europe-wide fascist coup. This bizarre rubbish managed to incorporate into its allegations the participation of the CIA, members of the Conservative party, members of the Italian Masonic Brotherhood, the British Secret Intelligence Service, NATO and the Special Air Services (SAS) Regiment of the British Army.

The nauseous part of this contrived garbage were the attempts by Searchlight to link Airey Neave DSO, OBE, MC, as a “key player” in this supposed conspiracy to support and promote acts of terror and “violent neo-Nazis”.

So.... Searchlight smeared the BNP with garbage, and in the past have smeared key conservatives and brave patriots who have risked their life's fighting for the freedom's for which they detest us having. What an outstanding piece of utter filth, from Searchlight (As always).
A man who risked his life against Nazism in WW2, who was murdered by the same sort of left wing filth, whom Gerry and his ilk hang around with, smeared and had his reputation dragged through the dirt.

Thats Searchlight for you!!!!

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