Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Searchlies FAIL........ BNP WIN

This is a late blog entry, about my thoughts on the European Elections.

Mr Nick Griffin MEP and Mr Andrew Brons MEP both won seats and made the BNP a driving force in British politics. The aftermath of this, led to Griffin and Brons getting pelted with eggs by left wing extremists from both the UAF and the laughable Hope Not Hate group.

Thankfully one of the extremist left wing nut jobs that was involved in this "demonstration" was shoved on the floor by Griffin's bodyguard's.. ITN News said this woman (Who goes by the name of Anna Heath) is in fact an Active member on the UAF.



1) Its her fault for taking part in an illegal demonstration withing a certain distance of Parliament!
2) Considering the Police did nothing, these bodyguards will easily use Common law provisions to defend themselves in a court of law if need be.
3) Even if she wasn't in the demo, then she obviosuly hasn't got common sense. What do you do if a group is charging towards you? You move. Look at the 2 pictures and tell me if she moved or walked towards Nick and Andrew.


Either way, well done Mr Griffin and Mr Brons and well done to the left wing tramps who showed themselves up.

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