Monday, 11 May 2009


Hello everyone and welcome.

I have made this blog to counter attack all the lies that are published by Gerry Gable and his cronies at Searchlight. The overall general public that have heard of this group, believe it is an "anti-fascist" organisation. That can be far from the truth.

The editor of this magazine has a past that he doesn't want people to know about. Even MP's and newspaper editorials have told us what this man is like in practice.

His past ranges from a conviction for burglary, to fraud, to supporting people and groups with terrorist links (Including the Irish Republican Army as well as various Israeli Zionist groups)

Yet daily rags (Especially the Daily Mirror) still gets its back up from Searchlight magazine and it's a part of the splinter group "Hope Not Hate".

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(PLEASE NOTE: I don't work for, nor am I a part of the website SearchlightExposed)


  1. Keep up the good work mate, expose that snivelling old yid!

  2. Thanks Britain Awake. More news on Fables Gable is still to come