Sunday, 31 May 2009

Gable and "Hope Not Hates" friends! What a fine example to set to your kids!

As you are well aware, Gerry Gable and his cronies at Searchlight and Hope Not Hate, set about every year demanding the general public not to vote BNP, and setting out reasons why they shouldn't vote for the British National Party.

Of course the usual chestnuts come popping out. Accusations like;

1) BNP are racist anti-semite Nazis
2) BNP will deport all non-whites
3) BNP will cause another Genocide on Jews, Blacks, Gays and Muslims, etc etc

Obviously the above statements are nonsense. Considering the BNP have Jewish, gay members and members in Mixed relationships as well as supporting the Gurkha's rights campaign. Groups like the National Front and the British First Party have even gone as far as calling the BNP "Conservatives on Steroids" and "agents of the state". So obviously none of the above points are true.

But one thing Gable and his followers like to do something else to smear the party. Babble on about Criminal convictions within the BNP.

The usual suspect is David Copeland, and to find the REAL truth on that man, click here.

Its quite hypocritical of Mr Gable and his cronies to talk about criminal records, considering he has a long history of burglary and fraud, amongst others. Members and supporters of "Hope Not Hate" and the UAF (A closely linked group to Searchlies) seem to rant about the BNP and "suspected" criminal convictions. Many HNH/UAF/Searchlies members are celebs (Champagne Socialists). Lets take a look at a few.

PETE DOHERTY - To look at this man's criminal conviction record, as well as various other bits of information Click Here

AMY WINEHOUSE - Another fine example to our kids! Check out her records (Not her music records, they are shit, her Criminal) here

IAN BROWN - Another degenerate life of Riley musician, who had a fight on stage with an unhappy fan. Brown was also sentenced
to four months in jail after being convicted of using threatening behaviour towards an airline stewardess and captain during a flight from Paris to Britain in 1998 (HERE). Another fine example!

JOHN BARNES - The 44-year-old, who played for Watford, Liverpool and Newcastle, was caught driving his £60,000 BMW X5 on the M6 without insurance. He already had nine points on his licence and a six-point penalty for having no insurance would have taken him over the 12- point instant ban limit. Although the Magistrates found him "not guilty", after he sobbed away and gave out his excuses, he is still an idiot. If his case included a normal person, then GUILTY will be slamed in the persons face before the trial began. Another good example to your kids.

Those are just a number of "celebs" who are involved in this bogus anti-Nationalist campaign. Here is a few criminal convictions and records from Searchlight in the past (Searchlies like mentioning the BNP's past, so why not mention theirs!)

1) Gerry Gable was arrested and held at Hornsey police station following a break-in at the flat of the historian David Irving.

After stealing GPO identity documents, the Communist Party member Gable and his comrade Manny Carpel, burgled Irving ’s house hoping to find “evidence” that Irving was a “Nazi.’

Of course, they found nothing, and instead were arrested for their troubles. On January 14, 1964, Gable pleaded guilty to breaking into the flat with intent to steal, and was convicted.

2) Carpel was also arrested in 1963 for assaulting P.C. William Nield and of having an offensive weapon (a metal butcher's hook).

3) In 1967, Carpel pleaded guilty, with Michael Cohen, of trying to break into a printing works (W.H. Jones Ltd. on 20th July, 1966) with intent to commit a felony and to possessing housebreaking tools by night.

4)Later, when in court for setting light to a print works in Uckfield, Sussex, and causing more than £50,000 worth of damage (November the 5th, 1980) he described himself as "a freelance journalist working for Searchlight."

5) In December 1976, Searchlight was described by a stipendiary magistrate, Mr. John Milward, as "scurrilous and disreputable ... What purpose can there be in advertising opponents' meetings except for the purpose of identifying them and creating disorder and violence? This seems to be an attempt to stir up trouble which is to be very strongly deprecated." - Birmingham Post 31/12/76

An interesting insight into how far Gable’s agent provocateurs will go in order to manufacture stories, the agent Dave Roberts was first exposed as a Searchlight agent when he was convicted in March 1976 for attempted assault following a failed arson attack on Communist Party premises in Birmingham, which doubtless would have been blamed on C88, as were attacks on left-wing bookshops at that time.

More to come folks!!


  1. HnH supporters need to be castrated!

  2. I find it amazing these people have the cheek to claim they speak for the working classes, but most of them live middle class lifestyles. Animals like Pete Doherty and Amy Winemouth wouldn't last a week in a multiracial part of Britain.